How To Make Personalized Plates

I have always adored antique sugar bowls, I just think they are dainty and pretty. Lately, I have been wanting to do something special for the family. I came upon this tutorial video about how to make personalized plates. It was very easy. Below is the complete list of instructions.

1. print text on regular paper
2. cut out text
3. lay text on carbon paper
4. position on plate, trace over with number 2 pencil
5. fill in with ceramic pen
6. allow to dry
7. bake for thirty minutes at 300 degrees
8. allow to cool

If you would like to make your own monograms but are not a very good artist try this website FREE LOGO DESIGN. The program will make the monogram for you.

For Everything you need to do this project, visit the Amazon Store Below. I already searched for the materials you will need, and put them together for you. Just click on the PERSONALIZED DISHES, and it will take you directly to the Amazon Store.

Enjoy this project!

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