The Medical Playhouse

My husband and I are in the process of buying a house, hopefully we will get something with a spacious backyard. I want to build a Medical Playhouse for my two boys.
Medical Decals

Rather than write about all my ideas, I will illustrate it in pictures.

The Medical Playhouse is divided into two rooms.The Doctor's Room, where children learn about human health, hygiene, and nutrition. This is where they pretend to diagnose diseases. The second room is the Operating Room, this room will have a large operation game.


Doctors Room

The doctor's room is the first room of our clubhouse. This is where kids can look at X-rays with our mounted X Ray viewer. They can play with anatomical models, stethoscopes, toy diagnostic equipment and games. The walls will also have informative medical posters. The doctor's room will also have a desk with shelves for storage. 

The Playhouse will have two X-Ray Viewers, and several human X Rays

A Medical Clubhouse would not be complete without some medical models for the children to play with. Walmart sells many.

The Doctor's Room can contain diagnostic information about mitochondrial diseases, and show how these diseases effect the the entire body. But most of the information should be age appropriate for children 
age 5 - 12, nothing too complicated.

Operating Room

The Operating Room is the second room of our playhouse, this is where the kids get to practice surgery. 
Before they enter the operating room, all kids must sanitize their hands and put on some scrubs.

Once in the operating room, they can play any of the custom built large scale Operation Games. We will make two, one whole body game, and one heart surgery game. 

Our operation game will be more scientific, with more organs placed in their proper place.

Our operating table will have an overhead light - but a less expensive than the one featured below. 

Wall Posters

Fish Tank for sale on Craigslist

I would like to get a large, 55 gallon fish tank, and build it into the clubhouse so the kids can see the contents of the fish take from inside and outside the clubhouse.

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