Vending Machine Trucks

This looks like an interesting business idea because it reduces lines by distributing points of sale all over the truck. I see high overhead and the need for a very good electricity source. The idea is interesting.

Purchase Vending Machines:

I am not sure what kind of electric generator is needed to operate all of these machines, but my concern is that if it breaks, any frozen item will spoil.

My next thought is, how does one lift and drop the truck when it is time to stop and go? ( sorry about the bad construction of that last sentence) I went to yahoo and found some information about hydraulics.

Making A Nautical Wreath

My in-laws have a charming vacation home at a Mexican beach community. After speaking with my mother in law, and some careful planning, I am going to make a beach theme holiday wreath for their beach home.

The problem with making nautical or ocean theme wreaths is getting the proper supplies. I tend to work very slowly on my projects because I want to ensure they are just right before assembly.

To start, here is my Shabby Chic Christmas Board on Pinterest. I took three images from that board, and would like to incorporated elements of all three into a charming Nautical Christmas Wreath. Notice how the second image has small nautical charms glued onto the shells? That was a detail I missed when I first looked at the image. I like how certain features are blended so well into a piece that one does not immediately notice them. The blue crab is a very cute addition, but one must be careful to make sure it is not creepy. We do not want to scare anybody away. I did find a supplier on ebay who sells all sort of sea creatures. They are called: Gems Under The Sea. For this wreath, we will select on sea creature, paint it an non-scary color like light blue/beige/pastel teal. It will also be bedazzled with some gemstones much like the star fish. I then conducted an eBay search for Nautical Jewelry , Gemstone Sea Horse,  Nautical Ship Wheel Gemstone Crab, Rhinestone Crocodile, White Rhinestone Bikes,

The color scheme will be: brown, white, pearl, ocean blue and light teal.