Suspended Balconies - an idea

While cruising pinterest, I came across this image by accident.

Last night I finished watching a documentary about Henry VIII. Wife number one, Catherine of Aragon had her own balcony. That balcony was later used by wife number six, Catherine Parr, to watch Henry's funeral.

Then I thought about certain events where there is not enough seating room, nor enough room to build out more seats.I thought - wouldn't it be charming to build a suspended balcony that works like a roller coaster, and can be rented by people who want to hang out (pun intended), watch a show or just enjoy a meal? 

The problem of course, is that they would have to install a port-a-potty for each balcony, or the party would just have to call the coaster back to the landing so they could use the bathroom. This would be a big issue if alcohol is involved, as drunk people need to pee a lot. 

But hey, just another one of my ideas.