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Interested in starting a food truck? It will take you about 1.5 years to start making a profit. After that time is up, you have a cash cow.

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I do not think that I would be willing to invest in an overly complex food truck. With all the kitchen equipment that it requires, sure, it is not as big an investment as a restaurant, but if the truck breaks down you are out of business. 

I am an old fashioned girl myself. Several years ago I had an idea for opening a hot dog stand on sixth street, Austin Texas, and catch the 2 am drunk crowd. My idea involved selling hot dogs, polish sausage and sodas while wearing a cute outfit. Apparently, a Miami food truck company took a spin off my idea, and opened a stripper ice cream truck. 

I think that their gimmic is too much. I like the idea of a beautiful woman selling products, but not pushing the envelop that far. Street Treats Seattle has a cute idea, I would change it up just a bit. 

I would make a very old fashioned looking truck, with simple foods people like. Nothing to complex. 

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