Making A Nautical Wreath

My in-laws have a charming vacation home at a Mexican beach community. After speaking with my mother in law, and some careful planning, I am going to make a beach theme holiday wreath for their beach home.

The problem with making nautical or ocean theme wreaths is getting the proper supplies. I tend to work very slowly on my projects because I want to ensure they are just right before assembly.

To start, here is my Shabby Chic Christmas Board on Pinterest. I took three images from that board, and would like to incorporated elements of all three into a charming Nautical Christmas Wreath. Notice how the second image has small nautical charms glued onto the shells? That was a detail I missed when I first looked at the image. I like how certain features are blended so well into a piece that one does not immediately notice them. The blue crab is a very cute addition, but one must be careful to make sure it is not creepy. We do not want to scare anybody away. I did find a supplier on ebay who sells all sort of sea creatures. They are called: Gems Under The Sea. For this wreath, we will select on sea creature, paint it an non-scary color like light blue/beige/pastel teal. It will also be bedazzled with some gemstones much like the star fish. I then conducted an eBay search for Nautical Jewelry , Gemstone Sea Horse,  Nautical Ship Wheel Gemstone Crab, Rhinestone Crocodile, White Rhinestone Bikes,

The color scheme will be: brown, white, pearl, ocean blue and light teal. 

With What to Bedazzle the Shells

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