How to make table centerpiece with branches

I am a Pintrest hoarder, saving thousands of images of wedding tables, centerpieces, wreaths, floral arrangements, party ideas, business displays, ornaments and food wishes. Many florists will charge $100 and up, per table centerpiece. Flowers are usually the most expensive part of a wedding.

Fortunately, I am already married and have no intention on planning a wedding. That being said, I do plan on throwing many summer parties for my friends and family. Just because it isn't a wedding doesn't mean we can't have nice centerpieces on each table.

The video below shows one how make a floral centerpiece using a Manzanita Branch. Save-on-Crafts sells three Manzanita branches for fifteen dollars. Shop Wild Things offers an assortment of string crystals and beads, but I would prefer just to go to Joanne Craft Store.

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