English Theme Ice Cream Truck part Deux

Hello All,

The English Theme ice cream van is moving along. I spoke with my husband about the idea, he is on board so long as we start the business only after buying our house.

I found an old camper van for sale, it costs about $4K. Then I contacted an autobody shop and asked them how much it would cost to cut out a service window and install a small service bar. They could not give me a quote without seeing the van, but estimated the job would cost probably a couple thousand. This puts the van cost up to $6,000. The van would need a new paint job, I do not know yet how much that would cost. I found several Youtube videos and websites about how to paint your own vehicle, I an confident that I can do it myself - although it would take me several weekends.

I am still pretty confident that the best profit from this business will come from Soft Serve machines, there are many of them on e-bay, but how do I know they work?