Bath Bomb Recipe

0.50 oz  Kaolin Clay

FYI - this is not my original recipe! If you need affordable ingredients, go to the supplier list in the pages above.

Free Supplier List

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So far, a couple companies (in the United States) have started to bitch that I made this supplier list. Their complaints are - it is bad for business because these suppliers compete directly or indirectly.

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This supplier list is for all of you people out there who need to find suppliers for soap ingredients, packaging, and really, anything else to make your business successful. No one will give you this information for free. It will take you hours of your life to find a comprehensive list like this.

So, this supplier list is for you business owners out there to use and enjoy. I probably will not be checking this blog very often. If you need to contact me with any questions, you can find me on my blog The Polyglot Experience.

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Five Lotion Bar Recipes

Woodsman Lotion Bar Recipe
1 part vegetable shortening
1 part vegetable oil
1 part beeswax

African Lotion Bar Recipe
1 part Shea Butter
1 part Grape Seed Oil
1 part Beeswax
1 drop preservative
1 drop African Violet Fragrance

Star Dust Lotion Bar Recipe
1 part Mango Butter
1 part Almond Oil
1 part beeswax
2 tablespoons Cosmetic Glitter
Incorporate the glitter after the batch has started to set and thicken.

Homemade Cleaning Products

Homemade Cleaning Products

Re-use dryer sheets for dusting instead of the new Pledge or Swiffer cloths.

Linoleum Floor
Use club soda to clean

Fabric Softener
Add vinegar to the rinse cycle

Castile Soap Recipes

                                    Castile Soap Recipes
Recipes 1
74 ounces olive oil
14 ounces coconut oil
Castile Region of Spain
24 ounces cold water
     ounces lye
Recipe 2
40 oz. olive oil
5 oz. palm oil
5 oz. coconut oil
16 oz. water
6.7 oz. lye
Recipe 3
30 oz. olive oil
10 oz. palm oil
10 oz. coconut oil
16 oz. water
7 oz. lye
Recipe 4
30 oz. olive oil
5 oz. palm oil
10 oz. coconut oil
5 oz. canola oil
16 oz. water
6.9 oz. lye

Remember! Castile Soap Takes a Long Time to Trace!

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