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Product Bases, Oils, Salts and Creams  American Cosmetic Wholesaler  USA wholesaler for oils and butters Columbus Wholesale Soap Supplies Alnor Oil Company USA  China Food Chem Oil Company  Seaweed and unique ingredients USA New Aromatics Soap and Lotion Supplies  BERTS HEAVEN - fragrance oils for soaps and candles.  Snow Drift Farm Soap Suppliers - Wholesale Bath Salt Supplier Behenyl Alcohol for hair conditioners, skin conditioners - Conditioning Agents. Conditioner Bars and Shampoo Bars Wholesale Bases- Lotion, Makeup, Soaps  Soap Making Supplier - Recommended by Indie Beauty Network  Soap Making Supplier - Recommended by Indie Beauty Network  Bath Product Oils - China   Refined Oils for Lotions - India! Jojoba Oil  and other oils - China USA essential depot  Bulk Cosmetic Ingredients, antioxidants etc. Aloe Vera Juice Wal Mart Zenith Supplies Seattle  Georgia Bath and Body Supplies  Glycerin Bulk Supplier  Buy Chemicals Direct Life of the Party Soap Supplies  Crafters Choice Supplies  Soap Suppliers By State

Soap Paste - For making liquid soaps and shower gels and shampoo
How to dilute the paste
How to use soap paste

Lip Balm Flavor Oils and Other Flavor Oils Lip balm flavor oils Lip Balm Flavor oils Lip Balm Flavor Oils Flavor Oils Esty Flavor Oils Natures Guarden Flavor Brambleberry

Cosmetic Supplies

Butters and Nut Oils Exotic Butter Company Florida

Essential Oil and Fragrance Nature´s Gift Essential Oils Top Ten Essential Oils - FloraPathics Aroma Web - Essential Oil Links

Milk and Berry Powders Berry Powders - frozen and powdered

Mica Powders

Wholesale Supplies Plus

Chinese Mica Supplier 60$ per kilo, 35 ounces per kilo.
1.75 per ounce Free Shipping


Chemical Peels and Acids
Dermabrasion Crystals
Retinol - China

Menthol Crystals

Fragrance Oils

( Note - Natures Garden is significantly less expensive than Brambleberry, but not all Nature Garden fragrances are body safe, so I must carefully check! )

Bubble Bath Base

Soap Molds on Ebay
Soap Making Supplies

Candle Making Supplies and Glitter  CALWAX - they are one of the suppliers for Zenith in Seattle Candle Supplies Washington State Melting and Filling Seattle Company Candle Supply Washington State Candle Supply Washington State  Chinese Glitter Suppliers
These are the glitters I want! Price - $32-$40 per kilo 8 - 14 $ per kilo, minimum order is 25 kilos. They sent me an email!  Great Selection of Cosmetic Glitters for lotion and make up


Glass Jars and Containers and Drums - SKS Bottle Company (free shipping on orders $250 or more) - Seattle Company ( walk in orders at $100 minimum)

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