Mix two businesses into one website

The other day, while thinking about my ice cream truck and Seattle Soap Company, I had to wonder about creating a website for both businesses. I ran the idea by my husband, which was a mistake because he tends to be a naysayer when it comes to most my business ideas, shooting them down before they even get on paper.

I want a simple ice cream truck selling novelty treats, and when the business can afford it, I want a soft serve machine. I do not want to cater, make homemade ice cream, or do any ice cream home delivery. At least that is not even on my mind. The website will be to promote the truck and, sell Seattle Soap Company product, particularly soap, lotions and sugar scrubs. The website will be advertised on the truck, along with other social network icons. When I looked at other ice cream truck websites, they promote all sorts of things that are not ice cream truck related.

Below is a array of items I think could be sold on the Ice Cream Truck Website. One of the items, from Korea is an "ice cream face mask". I see no reason I cannot incorporate the same theme, particularly since my scrubs are Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Mint, Blackberry etc...etc... In fact, I see how my items are a perfect match. It is all about marketing and vision. Just because ice cream is something that one eats, does not mean one cannot sell an ice cream pajama, or ice cream key chain, or chocolate body scrub on the website. It all works together when they layout makes sense.