Handmade Christmas Balls

Welcome to new hobby I have been trying out - making homemade Christmas balls. I am just getting my feet wet, fumbling around, and trying to figure out what works and what does not.

One of my first Christmas Bulbs came out as a glittery pink ball, adorned with silver metal pearls, diamond crystals and dainty pink roses. I painted small neon pink flowers, with swirls of silver glitter and leaves. The ornament will hang from the Christmas tree from a Victorian pearl and lace trimming. It was my first ornament, and so far the most charming one.

It has a look entirely different from any other ornament. In one sense, it is very rock and roll, yet, in another it is elegantly Victorian. In my quest to create my own version of Shabby Chic Christmas ornaments, I found my own voice, and designed my own genre: The Hard Candy Christmas.

I googled the term ‘hard candy christmas’ to see if anyone else use that name. Apparently writer Carol Hall wrote a song Hard CandyChristmas for The Best little Whorehouse in Texas. In 1982 Dolly Parton released a version of the song. A hard candy Christmas is when the family is so poor that all they could afford was a penny bag of hard candy to give their kids.

As I am still toying around with my ideas, I am thinking about adding dome resin images to my Victorian Christmas Balls. I selected some wonderful images to dome onto my Christmas balls. There is a lot to learn.

I am not sure where this hobby will go. Each Christmas ornament takes a very long time to make. I do not make things quickly, especially a work of art. I did start a small Facebook page for my new hobby: LINK
But, the fact is that this is different from my soap and skincare passion. This is not a business. This is just something I enjoy doing because I think Christmas is the most beautiful time of year, and I want to create family heirlooms that my children will cherish for generations.